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At the beginning . . . a year of 13 Full MOONS

Ken Gilbert

 I am thinking about endings and beginnings following this first week of 2016; I realize that I am unsettled and excited about what has been and what will be. The challenge in this realization is to stay with what is . . .

Creating my website in 2015 was important for me as it became an inner journey of how I want to be seen in the world and how I define what I want to contribute to the world of humanity. My life is the processes and practices of body, mind and spirit; each defined by what I have learned and how I teach through “Integrating Pilates”, Nia and my being and living as a Theatre Artist.

Each discipline is unique to itself, and yet, through me there is a thread of thoughts, feelings and actions which make them, for me, inseparable.

·        Understanding the Body through movement in the work of Ron Fletcher (Pilates), BODY | MIND | SPIRIT | BREATH, I find the practice of spine stability, mobility and expressivity.

·        Understanding the Mind through movement integration of body and brain in Nia’s Practice of The Body’s Way, I find systemic experiences of dynamic ease.

·      Understanding the Spirit of being a human being in my way of teaching, creating and crafting experiences that reflect a way of living in a body that is artful and meaningful through the lens of being a Theatre Artist.

This is my “calling” for 2016 – to be best at what I do in the classroom and the studio; Nia Classes, “Integrating Pilates” Classes and Sessions. I intend to develop relationships with students and clients in ways that meet each of you “where you are” to be “Better in Your Body”.

My teaching focus in 2016:

Create and develop the relationship of opposing forces in the body through "active/passive" work in the spine and appendages. 

 Intended to enhance strength and agility throughout Body/Mind/Emotion/Spirit.

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