Ken Gilbert | EmBODYment

EmBODYment: Somatic Education in Body-Centered Movement + Creative Integration

Living in a body is a practice of awareness; paying attention to sensation and feelings. To be aware of Body·Mind·Emotion·Spirit one can embody the experience of every moment through the awakening into the truth about oneself. How one moves, thinks, feels and connects to oneself. EmBODYment is a way of experience, education and expression in any particular moment. EmBODYment is a practice of awakening into the awareness of our bodies to become more sentient and feeling as human beings living into our thoughts, feelings and actions through the physical body.

EmBODYment is a practice of body·mind·spirit in Classes (weekly) | Master Classes | Workshops | Private & Semi-Private Sessions | Trainings | Retreats

  • Nia
  • “Integrating Pilates”
  • Creative Integration (DramaDogs, a Theater Company)