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Let me know what you sense, imagine, feel and create . . . 

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Somatic Education in Body-Centered Movement:

Pilates | Nia | Expressivity

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Living in a Body is a Personal Journey of Awareness, Mindfulness and Expressivity. 


ken gilbert | EMBODYMENT

Somatic Education in Body-Centered Movement

Living in a body is a personal journey of Body Awareness, Mind Fullness, and Expressivity - the body and brain working together stimulating the expression of self into the world.

ken gilbert| EMBODYMENT is a multi-dimensional approach to integrating a person's Body | Mind | Emotion | Spirit through the practice of body-centered movement that evokes and provokes a healthy body/brain and brain/body practice and everyday lifestyle.

To be healthy in Body | Mind is to move the body in a holistic way that stimulates the nervous system through the body/brain and brain/body relationships. Movement stimulates neuro-plasticity, physical mobility and reaction/response agility of Body Awareness and Mindfulness. When these aspects of our movement are integrated we begin to embody a uniquely personal Expressivity. We move the whole body, excite thoughts and imagination, emotions and a sense of confidence.   

ken gilbert | EMBODYMENT is a process and methodology evolved from body-centered movement practices; the Nia Technique, "Integrating Pilates" and Creative integration of thoughts, feelings and action. 

  • Classes (weekly) - "Integrating Pilates" ~ Nia Classic + FreeDance ~ Pilates Spine Corrector ~ Pilates Reformer
  • Master Classes - Pilates & Nia
  • Workshops - Pilates & Nia
  • Private + Semi-Private Pilates Sessions
  • Retreats (3 - 7 days) - Movement and Expressivity Integration

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