Ken Gilbert | EmBODYment

EmBODYment – Somatic Education in Body-Centered Movement + Creative Integration

Living in a body is a practice of conscious awareness – paying attention to sensations and feelings; it is a practice of paying attention to ideas, thoughts and a sense of being in the world. To be aware and conscious of Body·Mind·Emotion·Spirit one can embody the experience of every moment through the awakening into the truth about oneself ; how one moves, thinks, feels and connects to oneself, others, the world and perhaps the universe.

EmBODYment is a way of living in mindful experience, education and expression in any particular moment. EmBODYment is a practice of awakening into the awareness of our bodies and moving our bodies into being – becoming sentient as human beings living into our thoughts, feelings and actions through the physical body – to live body-centered.

EmBODYment is a practice of body·mind·spirit in Classes (weekly) | Master Classes | Workshops | Private + Semi-Private Sessions | Trainings | Retreats

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  • “Integrating Pilates”
  • Creative Integration of Self-Expression Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and in Spirit