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Living in a body is personal . . . for me, at least.

Ken Gilbert


Launching my newest website, I am excited. At this moment I am revealed to the world. Who I am, what I know and what I do . . .

Choosing to live in a body is a personal choice of stepping into the world. Choosing how to discover, self-heal and master a sense of self. Choosing to live embodied in the body of the four realms: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. This choice demands courage as the everyday filters of "easy" and "nice" fall away. This choice is the face of truth and personal empowerment that is edgy and uncomfortable.

This is my way as an introvert; shored up by hours of spending time alone with my "best friend", doing years of therapy, finding conversations within and with others; looking out in the world, revealed through my eyes - looking out, willing to be seen by some who care to look in.

There is vulnerability in my choice; and, the demands of courage to breathe into my body everyday.

Please, take a moment and look in . . . peruse my new site!

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