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Waiting; the moment of pause, to let things happen

Ken Gilbert

This year, through the unrest of my skin’s healing; I understand the importance and the dynamic ease of waiting. I am finding reverie in the moment of the pause, when nothing happens; knowing that something else will follow, unknown or known. A “beat” in time when the energy of rest and receiving initiate the moment that follows. 

The pause comes in a breath, the smell of an essence, a heartbeat, a blink, a swallow, a sensation within or upon the skin, a taste of saliva, a sound or a silence perceived. The practice of being in the moment is in the waiting; in the pause.

In the practice of Nia Classes, the waiting is in the listening to the music, standing in stillness; letting the music inspire the first pulse of movement. Then, it is the stance and the step, followed by the pelvis, chest and head, the arms hands and fingers. The body begins the dance.

In Pilates, the waiting is in the first breath, when the place of movement initiation is sensed and empowered. The spine is prepared for what will happen next, the pause is the preparation, the action of stability or mobility – flexion, extension or rotation of the bones and joints.

In the crafting of a theatrical moment, the body is relaxed and ready to express the words that will come from the mind. The actor waits for the space in time when the words will have connection to emotion and thought. Then, at the “right” moment, something is gestured and the voice activates the words of feeling and meaning.

Today, I have taken many moments of pause. Waiting to sense what will happen next, for the words to come as I write.

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