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Being at HOME in the Body

Ken Gilbert

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Today, caught in the wake of the terrorism in Paris, there is a feeling of instability. It is easy to spin stories of devastation and chaos. The questions come: Where in the world can I be safe? This most immediate attack was an assault on the "City of Lights", a place where the entire world celebrates a unique romanticism of love; be it art, or food, or the extraordinary light of impressionism (a movement in art that "forced" our perspective of the world).

This morning, in the Santa Barbara Salt Cave, the focus of a Nia Class was to
"Find the sense of home; being at in the body". We moved and danced among the ancient Himalayan salt crystals; we breathed the salted air, we touched the coarseness of the granulated floor, we received the salted light of the floor, walls and ceiling. Moving slowly and quickly to the rhythm and melody of Nia Music, we moved our 13 joints and stimulated our body, mind and spirit. 

When I travel thousands of miles from my everyday home, I travel "with my best friend." I am with my body, first - beyond thinking, beyond feeling, beyond my spirit connection to my "higher self". I am with my constant companion, with whom I MUST feel safe; then, when I am safe, and only then, the inconsistencies of the world become un-oppressive or non-aggressive. I feel safe in the moment, wherever I am, I am with myself (body, mind, spirit), I am safe.

Teaching today, I experienced an extraordinary class. Nia was the guide - to play in the Music, Movement and Magic of the moment: I sensed my body's ability to move with dynamic ease, I sensed a connection with eight other people in the womb of the Salt Cave.

Today, for a moment, I was safe. There was no fear. There was a connection to my confidence of "sensing myself in the world" . . . fearless, and powerful.

Today, I realize, I cannot change some actions of violence in the world.

Today, I can sense compassion and strength . . . to live my life in the moments of my body's experiences. This is an expression of truth.

Photo: Forte Fotos