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22 East Victoria Street
Santa Barbara, CA, 93101
United States

(805) 452-7164

Somatic Education in Body-Centered Movement:

Pilates | Nia | Expressivity

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What people say about their learning with Ken Gilbert:

Nia with Ken is one of the most joyful, life-giving things I do. I am so grateful for his wonderful classes, and the freedom, joy and fun they bring.
— Nica Eaton-Guinn
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— Jennifer Miller
Working with Ken has taught me that aging is full of possibilities. What draws me to work with him is his ability to see, assess, and correct body alignment and create movement, stability, and flexibility in the body, joints, and connective tissue. Those blue eyes don’t miss anything!
— Jane Atkins, Santa Barbara, CA
I do like ‘step into the simplicity of the past present and future’, grasping all three of those at the same time does seem to be the challenge. At almost 80 I do want to grasp and make the most of those 3 stages. Something to come to terms with, know what I mean?
— Lynne
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— Aline Shapiro
I have been fortunate to have had Ken as my teacher and trainer for over 10 years. I started working with him after years of chronic lower back pain and serious arthritis issues. I feel that the combination of Ken’s Pilates Class (postural integrity, strengthening and isolate movement, followed by Nia (integrated, dynamic and healing movement within a supportive community has been my fountain of youth. I’m now in my late 60;s, but in the best shape of my adult life.

Ken is a master teacher, who not only shows us our “bad” movement habits, but clearly demonstrates functional alternatives of efficient movement, which we then work on. His Pilates Classes are not easy, you need to do the Work, but the rewards have been well worth it. Nia was also a challenge for me when I started, but now, when I’m moving and feel like I did in my 20’s, it’s all worth it.
— Bill Weil, Santa Barbara, CA
I started my somatic journey with Ken in summer of 2009. I felt shy to express myself, and relatively unskilled in my body, but in Ken’s classes, that didn’t matter. I instantly recognized his Nia class as a safe space to learn, move, and explore.
Ken is an incredibly skilled teacher who gives excellent, clear alignment / postural cues. He is deeply insightful and has an encouraging nature. He continues to be a huge inspiration to me. Through his wisdom and sharing, he guided me to achieve things I never thought possible in my body, mind, emotions, and spirit.
My shyness dissolved as I learned to express myself, felt more confident and stronger in my body, and moved freely and without pain. I even learned to teach my own Nia class!

My time spent in Ken’s classes, workshops and trainings has been priceless to me on my own journey towards wellness. Today, I teach yoga, the first movement modality I learned. But my yoga teaching and practice would be lacking if it weren’t for the hundreds of hours I spent in Ken’s classes, workshops, and trainings.

Ken’s Nia and Pilates classes have my highest recommendation for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their bodies and themselves. Ken has an enormous gift for sharing the joy of movement and guiding others on their path toward well-being.
— Candice Davantzis, Santa Barbara, CA

Photo: Sol Hill (Photographic Noise)