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Ken Gilbert, MA, is a Theater Artist and Somatic Educator. Ken is a teacher of “Integrating Pilates”, Nia and  Self-Expression through body-centered movement and body/mind integration. He teaches and trains Pilates at CenterPoint Pilates and Bacara Resort & Spa where he works one-on-one, semi-privately and in group classes. He is featured on Pilates Anytime as a visiting instructor.  He has traveled internationally with Nia Belt Training, Retreats,  Workshops, Master Classes and Nia FreeDance. He is a body-centered actor/director in the theater; directing and performing with DramaDogs, a Theater Company with his wife, E. Bonnie Lewis, in Santa Barbara, California. Ken is committed to developing personal empowerment through movement practices that stimulate body/mind integration, emotional agility and to the awakening of self-expression through the body. 

  Ken's Story

Ken initiated his somatic journey into self-awareness, self-realization and self-actualization in 1983 when he began re-birthing. Wanting to sense more depth into his psyche and physical integration of body·mind·emotion·spirit he began Reichian Therapy in 1986, truly beginning his inner journey of “self” as an artist in the world. Two years later, he trained in Hakomi, body-centered psychotherapy; to be more lovingly present in his life and relationships with others. His evolution through his inner journey has become the epicenter of his theatre art and his teaching movement through group classes and facilitating training sessions Pilates and Nia.

Recovering from a divorce, in 1987, Ken decided to take responsibility for his health, well-being and fitness. Receiving a professionally traded membership at Santa Barbara Athletic Club he began finding wonder and satisfaction in group fitness classes as well as the weight room. During his 20 years at SBAC he taught High/Low Impact, Interval Training, Step, Slide, Spinning and Resistance Classes. For 5 years he worked with the Aerobic and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) as a Certification Specialist – training and testing Aerobic Instructions at the level of Primary Certification.  He also worked with clients one-on-one using the Personal Training principles of the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

Ken’s work in somatic and movement precision was initiated in 1994 when he began training in Pilates; studying with teachers Ellen Croft, Cathie Murakami, Pat Guyton, Ron Fletcher and Kathy Corey. He became a Pilates Teacher in 1996 when he met Ron Fletcher (The Ron Fletcher Work), with whom he studied for 10 years finding the depth, dimensionality, and expressivity of detail in spinal mechanics “for the body|the mind|the breath|the spirit.” From Ron he learned how to live in the spirit of moving in the details of each breath. Currently Ken teaches his evolution application of the traditional work “Integrating Pilates” based on the fundamentals inherent of the work of Joseph H. Pilates, The Ron Fletcher Work™, and Nia®.

In 1997, Ken began his study and work with Debbie Rosas and Carlos AyaRosas, co-creators of Nia®. In Nia Ken found a program and fusion of transformational health and fitness, well-being and life-style. He is a visual/kinesthetic learner who has adopted auditory styles of learning; practicing Nia’s “Sensation Science”. He became a Nia Black Belt in 2003 and in 2005 one of the First Generation Nia Trainers facilitating Workshops, Master Classes, and Nia White Belt, Green Belt and Blue Belt Trainings; training in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and North America including Canada. Ken retired from his Nia Trainer status in July 2016; continuing to teach Nia he is pursuing his writing in all aspects of Health, Fitness, Well-Being and Creativity.

Expressivity has always been a part of Ken’s life journey particularly when he discovered his home in the theater at Sacramento State College (Fall 1971) and later at the University of California, Davis (1972 – 1979 with completion of his MA in 1983).

Currently, his theatrical artistry is evolving within DramaDogs, a multidisciplinary theater production and education company, where as co-artistic director he produces, directs and performs. Body-centered from inception to performance, DramaDogs creates challenging and entertaining theatrical productions and provides enriching workshops and theater arts programs. His creative work gives voice to the unconventional and offbeat; providing audiences and students with the opportunity to experience a greater compassion and understanding of ourselves and others.

Living in Santa Barbara, Ken owns ken gilbert | EMBODYMENT, somatic education in body-centered movement. Ken teaches in Santa Barbara at the SPACE, The Dance Hub, CenterPoint Pilates, and Santa Barbara DANCE ARTS as well as other locations in the United States and Internationally. Ken’s philosophy is based on the belief that we are here to Awaken into the Awareness of sensation and feelings to become an expressive and embodied human being; to be more connected to our physical, mental, emotional, and spirit realms through the physical body and movement. Ken helps people discover a deep "sense of self" living in the world through the awareness and consciousness of the body, first.