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Somatic Education in Body-Centered Movement:

Pilates | Nia | Expressivity


"Integrating Pilates"


Whole Body Health | Commitment | Breath

Body | Mind | Spirit | Breath

Ken Gilbert has practiced Body Contrology (Pilates) since 1994; he is a 1st Generation Teacher of The Ron Fletcher Work™ (now Fletcher Pilates) which established Ken as a 2nd Generation Teacher of Joe Pilates. Currently, Ken teaches "Integrating Pilates" Classes (listed below as Your PRACTICE) at Santa Barbara DANCE ARTS and CenterPoint Pilates. He is also featured as a Visiting Instructor on the Pilates Anytime website (photos on this page from Pilates Anytime 2013 - 2015).

INTEGRATING PILATES is a practice in the evolution of the fundamentals inherent in the work of Joseph H. Pilates, Ron Fletcher and Nia. Activating the pelvic girdle, diaphramic rim of the rib cage, shoulder girdle and eyes, the central nervous system is stimulated through spine movement, strength and flexibility blending into core stabilization and mobility. INTEGRATING PILATES develops an individual’s balance in standing and centering; body/brain integration through isolated, controlled and expressive movement with awareness and mindfulness:

  • Embracing Joe Pilates’ Principles: whole body health, whole body commitment and breath;

  • Playing with tenants of The Ron Fletcher Work™: “for the body|the mind|the breath|the spirit;”

  • Stimulating Nia’s Five Sensations of the seventh joint: moving the Core of the Body (Pelvis, Chest, and Head) with Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Strength and Stability.

In the practice of INTEGRATING PILATES we work from a point in the spine at the base of the sternum (anterior) and the lowest rib (posterior) – the “CenterCore”. This is the location from which all integrated movement of the spine is initiated and/or stabilized. In becoming aware of this point the movements of the legs, arms, and neck/head are continually engaged with dynamic ease to allow the spine to move efficiently through five joint actions: forward flexion, extension, lateral flexion, rotation and circumlocution.

  • Private + Semi-Private Sessions on the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Ped-a-Pul

  • Classes - "Integrating Pilates": Standing, Traditional Mat, Fletcher Towel and Stool; Spine Corrector and Reformer

  • MasterClasses - "Integrating Pilates" in all aspects of Mat, Floor, and Apparatus

  • Workshops - "Integrating Pilates" for special focus and applications


A Study and Practice of Spine Mechanics and Appendicular Integration: Body | Mind | Expression.

In the application of the core philosophy of ken gilbert | EMBODYMENT - Aesthetic Anatomy - the study and practice of each student is revealed and evolves as to the focus and intention of the student.



Sessions are intended for the participant(s) to deepen an intimate relationship with their body; working on the equipment and apparatus: Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda-chair, Spine Corrector and Ped-a-Pul to stimulate stability and mobility enhancing functional integrated spine mechanics. (Currently at CenterPoint Pilates - schedule with Ken)


These classes are based on the classic Mat and The Ron Fletcher Work™ Towelwork where we work standing and on the floor. (Currently at Santa Barbara DANCE ARTS - check Class Schedule)


This class is facilitated using the "Clara" Spine Corrector apparatus created by Joe Pilates. We activate the 5 Primary Joint actions of the Spine while being supported by the "Lip", "Crevasse" and "Arc" of the Corrector. (Currently at CenterPoint Pilates - check Class Schedule at CenterPoint Pilates)

Reformer CLASS (55 minutes)

Working on the Reformer establishing base awareness through leg and foot work, core mobility and stability of the pelvis, chest and head, and movement through the arms working on the foot bar, straps and box (short and long). (Currently at Bacara Resort and Spa - Saturday morning @ 8 am - contact the Fitness Center) 

Photo: Perry White (PilatesAnytime)